Odor Management Conference 2017

November 8-9, 2017, Los Angeles, California, USA

What Is Odor Management Conference and Technology showcase 2017

Where The Odor Industry Meets!

Odor Management Conference and Technology Showcase (OMCTS2017), Los Angeles, California, November 8th and 9th 2017.

We are delighted to invite you to the second international Odor Management Conference and Technology Showcase (OMCTS) 2017, being held in Los Angeles, California. The conference will have more than 20 presentations on various topics from professionals of different disciplines, and will include 8 lectures from keynote speakers. The showcase will have various industries exhibiting their products and services related to environmental odor assessment, monitoring, regulation, mitigation, and abatement. This event will provide you with an excellent opportunity to network and learn about all Topics related to the Odor Industry and to discuss with industry leaders on meeting todays challenges in odor nuisance.

Industries of Interest: Wastewater Treatment, Waste Management, Petrochemical, oil and gas, Manufacturing, Food Processing and Agriculture, Pulp and Paper, Composting.

Conference Topics: Odor Assessment, Complaint Management, Odor Dispersion Modelling, Air quality monitoring, continuous odour monitoring, Electronic Nose, compact air quality monitoring stations, Odor Regulation and Legislation, Odor Remediation and Abatement.

Who's Speaking?

Elisabeth Lord

Elisabeth Lord

Air and Odor Expert, Canada

Marc A. Deshusses

Marc A. Deshusses

Professor of Environmental Eng. Duke University

Bhaskar Kura

Bhaskar Kura

Associate Dean of Engineering, University of New Orleans (UNO)

Hamed Haddad Zadegan

Hamed Haddad Zadegan

Member of Odor Control Group, City of Los Angeles

Cyrous Gilani

Cyrous Gilani

Leading Odor Control Group, City of Los Angles

Ardevan Bakhtari, Ph.D

Ardevan Bakhtari, Ph.D

Scentroid President, Canada

OMCTS 2017 Time Table


Call for Abstract

February 2 2017


Abstract Submission Deadline

April 15 2017 – Extended till May 15 2017


Abstract Acceptance notification

May 30 2017


Draft Paper submission deadline

August 15 2017


Paper Acceptance notification

September 1 2017


Final Paper Submission Deadline

October 1 2017

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The OMCTS will bring together companies that provide products and services in environmental odor with end-users in a wider range of industries. Sponsors and exhibitors will benefit from a perfect opportunity to network with industry leaders and demonstrate the most innovative products and services in environmental odors.  OMCT is hosted by Scentroid on November 8th & 9th at the UCLA. The OMCTS is a global series of conferences that will focus on topics such as odor measurement, dispersion modeling, mitigation, regulation and monitoring. We bring together decision makers from petrochemical, oil and gas, wastewater, waste management, composting and manufacturing to discuss how they deal with the odor challenges facing their industry.

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Travel Information


UCLA, Lose Angeles, California
OMCTS 2017 will be held in UCLA !
UCLA has 13 Nobel Prizes, 12 MacArthur Fellows, more NCAA titles than any university and more Olympic medals than most nations.


Locate UCLA by ZIP code (90095) or by street address (405 Hilgard Avenue). UCLA’s main campus is bounded by Sunset Blvd. on the north and Le Conte Ave. on the south; the east border is Hilgard Ave. and the west border is Gayley Ave.

Hotel & Restaurant

UCLA is located in the heart of Los Angeles – one of the most eclectic and dynamic cities in the world. L.A. is a diverse, global city of more than four million people, where culture, art, food, media and industry blend to create amazing opportunities and unique experiences

US$ 500/2 days
Regular Registration
  • By September 1st
  • 2 days Conference
  • Exhibition hall
  • Luncheon
  • Coffee Break
US$ 600/2 days
Late Registration
  • By November 1st
  • 2 days Conference
  • Exhibition hall
  • Luncheon
  • Coffee Break
US$ 400/2 days
Student Regular Reg.
  • By September 1st
US$ 500/2 days
Student Late Reg.
  • By November 1st

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