Odor Measurement Workshop

Tuesday October 31, 9:00 -12:00, Available Seat: 15

Workshop will be held in West Coast Room A at Covel Commons, UCLA .

Location: UCLA Covel Commons, 200 De Neve Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA

This three (3) hours odor measurement workshop will provide a full understanding of odor sampling and measurement theory and techniques. Students will gain both in-class and hand on training with Scentroid olfactometer.

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Odor Measurement Workshop Contents:

Introduction to Odor Assessment, Odor Analysis using field olfactometery, Panelist selection and screening, proper methods of assessing odor emissions from point sources such as stacks, the combination of field olfactometery with other sampling equipment for area sources such as waste piles and liquid surfaces. Challenges and proper technique for measuring active sources such as bio-filters are also discussed in detail. Finally ambient odour assessment using field olfactometery is discussed.


Olfactometer is a device that used to determine odor concentration, odor intensity and hedonic tone. This is achieved by diluting the odor sample with odor-neutral air, which is then presented to a panel. The dilutions may be done by volume or flow-rate and are referred to as a static olfactometer or dynamic olfactometer respectively.

Olfactometer device may be a mobile unit or permanently in place. It is important to note that the olfactometer should be in an odor free environment so as to not to interfere with measurements. Materials used in an olfactometer must be odour neutral such as stainless steel or PTFE.

$1253 Hours
  • Tuesday October 31
  • 09:00 -12:00